Thermal Oxidizer Inspection

When you have your regenerative thermal oxidizer  (RTO) or regenerative catalytic oxidizer  (RCO), or thermal oxidizer (TO) inspected by a professional from Nitro Environmental, one of the things that we will assess is your media. Ceramic media and catalyst are an essential part of oxidizer investment. However, with time, or if a media is incorrectly placed or is the wrong type/size, clogs can occur. Voids or channeling may also occur. Over time, the performance of the ceramics and catalyst decrease, costing you additional energy resources, reduction in flow, increased pressure drop, and possibly a decrease in destruction. To extend the life of the media in your oxidizer, bed servicing and regular replacement are essential.

Ceramic and Catalyst Media Replacement

If a media replacement is necessary for your oxidizer, Nitro Environmental can provide a turnkey solution. This solution includes supplying materials, removal of old media, installation of new media, and re-commissioning.

We offer several makes and models from random packed saddles to structured. This list includes random packed, silica resistant, plug resistant, and multi-layer.

We can also perform a partial replacement to offer a quick turnaround time and/or increase thermal efficiency. Most regenerative thermal oxidizers  and regenerative catalytic oxidizers  should operate at 95 percent or greater thermal energy recovery. We can determine if your system is meeting this percentage and often increase this percentage with a quick payback.

The Benefits of Media Cleaning

In order to improve longevity, regular media inspection and cleaning is essential. The benefits of media maintenance and cleaning include, but are not limited to, reduced energy consumption restored pressure drop and flow, and removal of a large portion of inorganics. This cleaning can be achieved by performing regular bake-outs and wash-downs. These services should only be performed by trained technicians that have experience working with oxidizers.

Why Choose Nitro Environmental?

The first thing that we will do during an oxidizer assessment  is determine whether you need a media cleaning, upgrade, or complete or partial replacement. We also guarantee to work with your team to ensure that each and every project is completed on time. Not only do we offer several options, but our experienced engineers and technicians know how to find the media solution that meets your industry’s needs.

Failing to maintain media can be expensive in the long run. To maintain the integrity of your systems, schedule your assessment with Nitro Environmental today. Give us a call at  (281) 682-8939 or contact us via email.  We look forward to working with you!