Thermal Oxidizer (TO)

A thermal oxidizer (TO) provides chemical plants, refineries, and manufacturers with air pollution control using thermal combustion. They are used to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from industrial air streams.

Thermal Oxidizer (TO)

Convert Pollutants into CO2 & H2O

Thermal oxidizers destroy mostly hydrocarbon-based pollutants. When the pollutants are destroyed by thermal combustion, they are chemically oxidized to form CO2 and H2O before emission.

The Most Effective Method for Destroying VOC

Thermal oxidizers are the most effective method for destroying VOC, providing the thermal oxidizers are well-maintained. Efficiencies are proven to be up to 99.99% possible.

Effective Thermal Oxidizers

Residence time, turbulence, and temperature are the three factors that determine how effective a thermal oxidizer is.

Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer

The most basic and inexpensive, yet powerful type of oxidizer is the direct-fired thermal oxidizer. With the right residence time, turbulence, and temperature a high destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of the VOCs are met. They operate between 1,200 °F and 2,190 °F. Direct-fired thermal oxidizers must be installed and maintained correctly in order to keep operating costs as low as possible. The system works best with a higher concentration of VOCs as a source of fuel for full combustion at the desired operating temperature.

24/7 Thermal Oxidizer Maintenance and Repair

Nitro Environmental provides thermal oxidizer maintenance and repair with outstanding expertise and service. Call at any time, 24/7, and thermal oxidizer experts are mobilized immediately. Nitro Environmental quickly, efficiently, and effectively services any thermal oxidizer equipment issue and provides dependable routine maintenance.

Tailored Thermal Oxidizer Service

As thermal oxidizers are used in many industries, Nitro Environmental turnkey services are highly tailored per client. Equipment downtime is always kept to a minimum. Thermal oxidizer maintenance and repair services are provided to chemical plants, refineries, and manufacturers for the following industries:

  • Chemical and Allied Products
  • Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services
  • Food and Kindred Products
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Lumber and Wood Products
  • Mining
  • National Security and International Affairs
  • Petroleum and Coal Products
  • Primary Metals Industries
  • Stone, Clay, and Glass Products
  • Textile Mill Products
  • Transportation Equipment
  • And more